3D Printed Toys for Children in the Near Future

Toys have always been a means of learning, play, and interaction for children. 3D printed toys are interactive medium for the child to learn while playing. Parents encourage this method of playing as it educates the child alongside.

When the 3D printed toys first started rolling out in the market, the design options were limited and cumbersome. There were high amounts of costs involved and the designing was very basic. But, as the technology advanced and the rapid prototyping processes and services became more rampant, significant changes came by.
Better machines and designs were developed and the shortcomings were overcome to develop better equipment and materials to design superior 3D printed toys.

The maker movement has changed the shape of the additive manufacturing in many ways. The toy industry has adopted this technology with open arms. Parents too are becoming aware of this advancing technology and understand the need of an interactive design which will help their child learn through fun and play.
The future of possibilities of 3D printing for toy-making is endless. Children will have advanced toys with exciting features. They would be learning 3D graphics and would eventually be equipped to make their own toy designs and print them.

Rapid prototyping of toys has many advantages. The children are exposed to this technology at a young age and the brain develops potentially and the creative and interactive skills of the child develop. The child who develops an interest in this field can later pursue it as a full-time career opportunity. Parents will have a greater control of the gadgets their children are playing with and can even get toys customized for their children. This technology could lead to a new genre of innovators, entrepreneurs, and 3D designers.

Source: 3dprintingindustry.com

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