3D Printers installed in libraries for free access

3D Libraries

Even though the prices of the 3D printers have come down and have become more accessible, a vast majority of people are still unaware of this technology and its applications. Promoting a technology is a mammoth task and if not promoted properly many people will be deprived of it. The best example is that of internet. In the year 2014 there are almost 60 million people in US who still do not use internet or do not have internet access at their homes which is quite shocking given the fact that US is well developed and is the world power. In order to ensure that 3DP technology does not meet a similar fate many individuals as well as organizations have taken various steps to promote this technology and make it a household name.

MakerLab Club is one such initiative launched by 3D systems in association with Young Adult Library Association (YALSA). The MakerLab Club is a community of various libraries and museums which are promoting digital literacy. In order for libraries to get involved in this community, they have to register for the program and the company instantly considers them to be potential recipients of free equipment.

Through this program 3D Systems is promoting 3DP technology as well as the various other accessories related to this technology (such as 3D scanners and 3D design software) into the local libraries and museums and in this process 3D systems is increasing the awareness about this technology among teenagers and people of the local communities.

Libraries that get shortlisted can avail a lot of perks from the company like receiving Cube 3D printers, access to 3D printing curricula, educational materials and educational internet content. Selected libraries can avail various discounts on 3D printing hardware as well as software.

By this venture the poorest of the poor can get an access to this technology in common places like libraries and museums. By the installation of 3D printers in such places the technology can easily penetrate into the lives of millions, even those who do not have the money to own one. For most this would be a chance to gain some exposure to this technology, especially for the youth who are on the edge of entering into the job market.

With each passing day 3D printing technology is creeping into our lives and the demand for the knowledge of this technology is increasing rapidly. So with the help of this venture many people who otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to get their hands on this technology can now access it free of cost.

If a museum or library closer to you wants to join this brigade which allows people to gain access to 3D printers then you can simply join the 3D Systems’ MakerLab Club and apply for consideration before 17th November, 2014.

Source: http://3dprintingindustry.com/2014/10/01/3d-systems-partners-us-libraries-museums-give-free-access-3d-printing/

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