3D Printing Comes to India in a Big Way

The foundation of Global 3D Labs, a 3D printing company, was quite an iconic one. When Manish and his 2 friends decided to take a plunge into this relatively new business, it was met with loads of speculation from family. But like all good things, their vision too worked. Very soon they were pioneers in their fields and their start-up had students flocking from all parts of the India to learn this new technology.
What actually is 3D printing? It is a process of additive manufacturing whereby layers of a thin film is deposited through a nozzle in liquid form. This liquid is created using the product design developed by the CAD software and gives rise to a 3-dimensional product. This is extremely cost effective and reduces production costs considerably.
One of the best advantages of 3D printing is that it enables the formation of computerized specimens without physically creating them. This reduces costs and wastages and adds value to the development phases of the product.
Expansion in the Indian Territory
In India, Liver tissue was developed in 2005 by Pandorum Technologies, Bangalore. Global 3D labs have developed Chocobot, a 3D printing creating chocolate shaped parts. Even Indian navy is making good use of this technology, supplied by J group Robotics, to develop prototypes for engineering components.
There is more good news. There are 350 registered 3D printing services with 100 in Mumbai and 60 in Delhi. The growth of 3D printing technology could bring about a big boost to the ‘Make in India’ initiative of the present Indian government. As per the statistics of Stratasys India, a 3D printing giant around the globe that has started services in India in the last few years, the scope of growth of 3D technology in the country is immense. It will slowly capture markets in segments of consumer goods, educational hubs, industries, aerospace, navy, and more. The figures are likely to cross $79 million by 2021.

Source: Economic Times

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