3D Printing Courses Going Viral!

3D Training Program

3D printing technology is by far one of the best technological advancements we have stumbled upon in the past few decades. It won’t be a mistake to brand it as a technology that has the potential to provide an ocean of opportunities to all. Many people have understood this and have started various 3D companies. Since the technology is still in the blooming phase there are many training institutes offering many courses in this technology mushrooming all over the world.

There are many courses that have hit the 3DP market. Some are online courses whereas some are live popup workshops. The main aim of these courses is to help anyone understand the process of 3D printing and also teach them the process in general.

Lynda (online 3DP course)

Among the online courses Lynda is one name that stands apart; Lynda has many video tutorials and a wide range of courses for beginners as well as experts. The courses offered by Lynda are quite thorough and easy to understand. The company charges around $25 for gaining access to all online courses for a month. There are many tutorial snippets that offer basic idea of what the website teaches.

QA’s Initiative:

QA, an England based company is quite popular for imparting 3D printing education and training among UK residents. This company has recognized the growing demand of learning this new technology and thus has decided to offer the courses in collaboration with 3D research and development firm named ObjectForm. The company plans to launch a total of four different courses.

Adrian Jakeman, the head of IT Training at QA said,“3D printing is a new and exciting technology that will revolutionize manufacturing processes and significantly impact a huge range of industries as well as domestic consumers and will serve as another component in the engine of the circular economy. I’m delighted that we have been able to work with ObjectForm to bring these new courses to our curriculum and to be able to provide our customers with an insight into this new area of technology.”

The course is expected to commence from October 10th until October 14th at training center of QA located in London and Leeds.

In the Indian Context:

In the case of India, courses on additive technology are present but these courses cannot reach out to the masses as the technology is very expensive. The price of a 3D printer itself is sky high considering the average Indian income. Having 3D printers in Indian schools, colleges and universities is a distant dream for Indians. In the midst of all this ambiguity there are a few companies that are imparting several courses on 3D printing. One such effort that has been started by the collaborative efforts of two companies named Kidopia Ventures and df3d named Tutor3d.com. The principal idea behind tutor3d.com is to bring 3D printing into the educational system of India. The target audience are children aged from 8 to 16. think3D is another such company offering such courses and workshops across various engineering colleges in India.

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