3D Printing Empowering the 5 Pillars of Self-Reliant India

Prime minister of India Shri Narendra Modi in this recent speech has explained about his strategy in building a 5 pillared self- reliant india. This article explores, How 3D printing is already empowering the 5 Pillars of Self-Reliant India.


” An economy that brings Quantum Jump rather than Incremental change “

Industrial Manufacturing is a major sector of Indian economy with its various constituents in  manufacturing machinery, equipment, material and other products. 3D printing is one of the most disruptive technologies in the manufacturing sector.  It’s low wastage production, high cost effectiveness and complex design Manufacturing capabilities will spur the growth in the manufacturing sector,  enabling the Indian economy to take a quantum leap instead of an incremental change.

EOS M290 

Machine installation at facility


” An infrastructure that becomes the identity of modern India “

Infrastructure is a major sector that is poised to play a key role in overall development of the Indian economy. 3D Printing is growing leaps and bounds in the construction industry by enabling building of state of the art infrastructure within hours instead of days. Also, Adapting to 3D printing making construction cost effective and enabling building of unique Architectural designs.

Images of 3D Printing of a house by Apis Cor organization

3D printed building


” A system that is based on the technology driven systems which fulfill the dreams of the 21st century and not the policy of the past century “

More than ever the 21st century is predominantly ruled by Digitalisation. A system that is induced with digital technologies will facilitate the faster and efficient implementation of policies. 3D printing is also hailed for its digital manufacturing interface and became a  leading face of industry 4.0 revolution. It is considered to be 90% faster at producing the IOT devices like PCB, wireless communicators etc.,compared to traditional manufacturing methods. 

A 3D-printed antenna and transceiver

3D-printed objects


” Our Vibrant Demography is our strength in the world’s largest democracy, our source of energy for self-reliant India “

India is considered to be having one of the world’s largest demographic dividend next to China. A vibrant demography equipped with right technological prowess will bring innovative solutions into the market, and also propels the growth engine of the economy. 3d printing is highly known for its rapid prototyping ability and vast research of materials and methods.  Implementation of 3D printing into curriculums, and facilitating for R & D is highly imperative to bring the best out of the demographic dividend


” The cycle of demand and supply chain in our economy, is the strength that needs to be harnessed to its full potential “

India is a country that is largely dependent on imports for fulfilling its demand. Also, a major portion of our supply chain is controlled by global manufacturing firms, which are in the US, China, Germany, Japan etc., . Unlike traditional manufacturing procedures 3D Printers are portable enough and require less workspace for manufacturing purposes. The technology has this unique ability of Print-on-demand manufacturing, Where the demand is met on a need basis. Also, it reduces the supply chain costs by enabling manufacturing locally. All in all the 3D printing technology is capable of strengthening the cycle of demand and Supply chain in our economy. 

Apart from the 5 pillars there is another major announcement to citizens of India by Prime Minister Modi saying,  “Local ke Liye Vocal Banna Hein”, which is to be “Vocal to Local Manufactured products”, which is to encourage local manufacturers to reach global. We at think3D are local manufacturers, with the largest 3D printing facility in India manufacturing locally with globally admired technologies. We strive to make India Self-reliant with our Advanced Technologies administered by our experienced Technologists.

think3D Manufacturing facility at Visakhapatnam, AMTZ Campus

Machinery set up in-house

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