3D Printing Event at ESCI, Hyderabad on 14th & 15th September 2014


Annually 15th September is celebrated all over India as Engineer’s Day in memory of the great contributions made by the iconic engineer, statesman and reformer Bharat Ratna M. Visvesvaraya. The innovative practices that he brought into irrigation sector, impeccable quality standards that he practiced, the spirit of freedom and creativity that he advocated had remarkable impact on socio-economic growth of then young India. IE FEST – 2014 is an attempt to recapitulate those great ideologies and enable transformation of young professionals, designers, startups and students into spirited contributors. Following are the different platforms which enrich the student fraternity with versatile innovations, enterprise skills, cutting edge technologies and state of art designs.


The emerging technology exhibition is intended to be a gathering place for all who thrive  on consumer technologies. It shall serve as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies which are made in India – the national stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the growing Indian marketplace. ESCI would like to promote these revolutionary technologies; one no longer needs to dream about importing these products – now proudly made in India!

Novel ideas from Renowned Institutes3D Printing & Scanning
Museum Cum Top 10 Wonders in ITMobile Applications
Visual Quest/Gandhi Museum DisplayNIRD - Anunkriti
Advanced wearable electronicsHandicrafts
Mintables - Digital HeritageNGO Bombay
Surface Vibration Speaker (Vibro)Agastya Stall
Robotics & Embedded SystemAxiom Energy
Sudha Cars - TraxxasAugmented reality
Surveillance SystemsHolography
TV/HD DisplaysMAV
Fuel Cell by BarolaOpen Source
Renewable energyActive Farm Stall



Prof. L. S. Ganeshan:

With a Ph. D. in System Planning and Educational Planning, Dr. Ganesh has versatile talents including being an accomplished rock, blues and jazz vocalist and rhythm guitarist. In his student days, he won many prizes in music competitions, debates and sports.

Mr. Kranthi Vistakula:

Founder of Dhama Innovation and developer of world-class solutions related to smart fabric that change temperature as per environmental conditions.

Mr. Birad Yajnik:

Internationally renowned speaker and publisher on Gandhi ideologies and their relevance to young leadership generation.

Dr. Chandrasekhar:

Scientist & academician with credentials in fostering R&D culture among thousands of young engineers.

Mr. Ramesh Loganathan:

Expert IT professional and a passionate supporter of start – up culture.

Dr. Prasad Mandi:

Engaging students by challenging them to sell small low cost engineering toys as their stepping stone to enterpreneurship. These are students who have never considered selling anything at all and would like to kindle the spirit of enterpreneurship.

Dr. Ravi Bollina:

Enterpreneur, Scientist, Professor, Tinkerer and backpacker who is interested in educating young India in new methods.

Mr. Sidhant Pai:

An MIT(USA) graduate, Sidhant began Protoprint with its innovative solution to transform plastic waste into raw material for 3D printers. The Pune-based startup, the first of its kind in India, has tied up with ragpickers who bring in waste they collect from various parts of the city to a site run by Protoprint.


3D printing

This workshop showcase the technology of 3D printing, its numerous applications, software and hardware issues, project opportunities and emerging trends, examples from aeronautics, automotive engineering, electronics, manufacturing, fashion and life style. Products are covered a live operation of 3D printers is demonstrated in this workshop.

3D Scanning

This workshop demonstrates how to create CAD (Digital) models directly from existing prototypes through state-of-art 3D scanners, Acquiring texture, color and geometry data for engineering/ science/ art/ sculpture/ product design is showcased in this workshop.

Micro Air Vehicles/ UAV Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn how to design, fabricate and fly a mini air vehicle(glider). An aero modelling demonstration is also included. The participants get hands-on insight into UAV building.

Exploring Optical Communications

This workshop makes you understand the concepts of optical fiber communication and procedures adopted in designing, establishing and maintaining the OFC networks.

Internet of Things

In this workshop, you will gain access to proprietary hardware and cloud based Internet of things(IoT) Platform.

Design Thinking

This workshop introduces concept of design Thinking by ISB D labs.


This workshop makes you discover all the things inside our electronic gadgets and their functioning.


This workshop helps you to make anything using mechanical, elctronic and software tools.

Engineering the Enterprise

This workshop helps us to find various ways of selling your product practically.

Big Data Analytics

This workshop gives an insight how enterprises process collecting, organising and analizing large sets of data ( Big data) to discover meaning full partners and other useful information.

CISCO ASA Firewalls

This workshop is used to obtaining hands-on training on Network Security and CISCO ASA Firewall.

Cloud Security

This workshop is used to obtaining knowledge in cloud security.


This workshop create awareness IPV6  implementation.


IE FEST – 2014

Inspiring Engineering Innovations

14th & 15th September

Engineering Staff College of India

Old Bombay Road, Gachibowli, Hyderabad – 32, India.

www.escihyd.org/iefest2014, iefest2014@escihyd.org,

+91 40 6630 4104/13/23, +91 89787 07670, 98850 41181, 97041 47298

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