3D Printing Leashes New Life into Aquascapes

Haruka Misawa, a Japanese aquarist has made use of minimalism, 3D printing, and aquarium life to create sculptures of living art.

Japanese believe in minimalistic designing and aquascapes are a common feature in this nation that loves marine life. Another Japanese artist of the 90’s, Takashi Amano is known for his naturalistic designs.

Misawa,a former pass out of Nendo, a design company, is the founder of Misawa Design Institute. She worked on 3D printed sculptures and physics to create amazing aquascapes, and ‘sculpt’ the form water takes, making gravity and pressure work to her advantage. These structures enabled nature and modern technology to work in sync, whilst allowing aquatic life to thrive in its natural environment.

This project was completed by the efforts of Kennichi Hashimoto and Kosho Yamasaki, two 3D designers. They incorporated these aquascapes into 3D printed designs. These small living spaces make a healthy environment for these marine creatures to live in.

These forms act as a secure environment for the creatures to thrive in and air bubbles have been created to shift the level of the floating plant life at a lower level.

Misawa stated that the environment below the water surface gives out an energy which is totally different from that which is found in air hence, these pieces had to be created in accordance with the conditions under water.

These aquascapes have been put up on display in Taiwan, along with a book which has in-depth information about these art pieces and their functions. These pieces are not for sale and have been displayed for the public for inspiration and learning purposes. These works are prototypes, so can be only looked upon and admired. It can definitely be a great source of inspiration to art lovers and sculptors who have the ability to incorporate 3D printing into their designs.

Source: 3dprintingindustry.com

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