Thermo plasticsplastics
Wood Filament (FDM)PLA Plastic (FDM)ABS Plastic (FDM)think3d plastic fdm samplesPainted parts (FDM)think3d plastic fdm samples 3d printingAssembly parts (FDM)Post ptocessign plastic fdm parts think3dABS expo finish (FDM)
Clear resin 3d printing sample think3d Clear Resin (SLA) Clear Resin (DLP)Colour resin sample think3d Color Resin (DLP)SLA UV Laser 3d printing resin Color Resin (SLA)SLA DLP Resin samples think3d White Resin (Polyjet)AirCleaner_thumb vacuum casting resin sla dlp think3d samples PU based (Vacuum Casting)
Other Materials
sls sample print think3d PA Nylon (SLS)SLS 3D printed sample Painted Samples (SLS)Aluminuim metal 3d printing DMLS think3dAluminium (DMLS 3D Printing)Fiber molding using 3d printing think3d PU Fiber (Rubber Molding)CNC machining part think3d Metal parts (CNC machining)Architecture scale models think3d Scale Models (Laser Cutting)

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20 replies on “Gallery”

looking for RepRap Prusa Original MK3 Plastic & aluminium Parts, have the STL files(As Prusa is Open Sources). Would like to know the cost of this.

Hi, If I send the file that needs to be printed, will you be able to help with the printed product? What other details would you need?

Dear Mr.Rushikesh, thanks for contacting think3D. Currently, we are not printing in PMMA, but we can suggest you bio compatible resin. Kindly share an inquiry email to with your contact details in it, so that we can get back to you. For any other queries feel free to reach us on 8142896564.

Do you have the facility of printing different metal powders of 40-50 micrometre diameter together in the form of a component?

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