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No Workshops available as of now


Do you wish to have think3D conduct a workshop or offer a lecture series at your college, company, event (or) city. Please fill the form below and our person shall get back to you to explore the modalities of the same. Over the last 5 years, think3D has conducted such workshops across various corporates, universities and trained 1000s of students & professionals on 3D Printing technology



3D Printing is a disruptive technology changing the fundamental dynamics of manufacturing. The future of 3D printing is bright and is an increasingly important pillar in the manufacturing renaissance. Now, there are growing numbers of use-cases and demonstrable business benefits proving that additive can be used as a mainstream manufacturing technology.

Given the kind of impact 3D Printing has on the manufacturing industry, it is imperative to build skills on this transformative technology. think3D has been conducting regular workshops to facilitate the same. Below is the brief list of topics that will be covered during these workshops.



We have several types of machines in our workshop:

  • FORMIGA M290
  • FORMIGA P110
  • HP 4200
  • FDM, CJP, PJP, MJP, MJF, SLS, DMLS 3D Printers and many more…We are one stop shop for all your 3D Printing needs, please check www.think3d.in for more info.

The action or process of making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many thin layers of a material in succession.

Yes, 3D printing is already being introduced to students at an early age.

3D printing enables the physical manifestation of someone’s thoughts and ideas. The hands-on experience makes a technical subject fun and attractive, even for people who aren’t especially interested (yet) in design, architecture, computer science or engineering and many other fields of study.

There are quite a few 3D printing file formats. Here are the most common ones.

  • STL: This is the most popular 3D model format, all slicing tools support it.
  • OBJ: Also important – and also supported by all major slicing tools – is the OBJ file format. In contrast to STL, OBJ is able to store colour and texture profiles; we guess it will become more popular when multicolour printing takes off.
  • PLY: PLY, the Polygon file format, was originally used for storing 3D scanned objects.
  • 3MF: 3MF is a new file format developed by Microsoft, Autodesk, HP and Shape ways. It is not clear if this will be widely adopted – we’ll have to wait and see.

The major difference between 3D printing and CNC milling is the starting point: With 3D printing, the manufacturing process starts from nothing, objects are built by adding material layer by layer. In CNC milling, the process starts with a block of material and is finished by removing material until the desired shape has been formed.

Yes, we help you customize with unlimited options. Drop us an email with your requirement and we will do what works the best for you!

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158 replies on “Training Events”

Dear Sir,

I want to attend free workshop in Bangalore. Please inform me when there is one.

Best Regards

Vishwas Sharma

Hi do you have any plans to conduct a workshop in Delhi in near future? Also do you conduct workshop on 3d flooring?

I want to attend a free workshop in Mumbai. Please let me know when you conduct one.
Niki Thakkar

Is there any chance of a workshop in kolkata? I am waiting for 1 years. Pls conduct a work shop here.

Dear sir
If we open a scanning room in any city
For scaning people to make silfee what will be my product cost for bulk quantity on sandstorm printer

if you have workshop planned to be conducted in Indore (M.P) in near future, please notify me. also in your website please tell us where are your next planned workshops as the present listings about this information is missing


If you are interested in conducting a workshop at Jammu the please contact me on my email Id.

Assistant Prof. Vishal Sharma

When you are going to conduct this workshop at Bhubaneswar Plz. contact to this no. thank you.

I am interested in training class and future business possibilities of 3d printing. please inform me if some training or expos are going on in South India.

Dear Sir,

I want to attend free workshop in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh. Please inform me when there is one.

Best Regards

Darshan Garg

Greetings from think3D! could you please let us know your requirement. At think3D We sell all kinds of 3D printers, 3D filaments, 3D scanners offer 3D printing, 3D scanning, 3D design services and conduct regular trainings & workshops. For more details you can reach us at info@think3d.in or call us on 8142896564

Hi I am Nihal working as a R and D Manager, I am interested in upcoming 3D Printing workshop at Chennai or South India, Please let me know the Date time and Venue, if possible share a link

I want to take part 3 d free workshop st coimbatore 20/1/18
Please advise me venue and contact no
My no 09940916901
With regards

Dear Sir,
I want to attend free workshop in Hyderabad. Please inform me when there is one.

Best Regards

Lokendra Varma

Dear Sir,

I want to attend free workshop in Bangalore in April / May 2018. Please inform me when there is one.

Thanks & Regards
Ranga Ramanujam RV

I’m from Jaipur, if you conduct any workshop in Jaipur please let me inform.

My contact details – +91-98290-98884

Thanks ‘n Regards
Pankaj Mishra

Hello think3d ! I would like to attend workshop near Pune. Please notify me.
Rajat Waragade

Are you planning to conduct a workshop in dehradun also?We are keenly interested to attend the workshop, if it would be held in dehradun or nearby.
Please Do let me know if you have any plans for workshop in dehradun or nearby in Uttarakhand.



Is there any ways to reach in Kolkata ?

Any workshops, or intern opportunity at Kolkata?

Completed Mechanical engineer and need 3d manufacturing ideas for a production company.

Kindly reply

I want you to conduct workshop in Vijayawada if you can, i am really being very eager to meet this opportunity. I wanna become a miniature model maker.
So please do inform if your gonna conduct one

Please let me if there is workshop on 3d printing in Bangalore

Actually I like to do the 3 months course on 3d printing. But I don’t know where to apply

Thank you

Hi sir, im so interested in 3d printing to start own. Pls inform me the details of free workshop in chennai or in coimbatore. Thank you.

Dear Sir,

I want to attend free workshop in Nasik, Mumbai. Please inform me when there is one.

Best Regards

Sagar More

Dear sir

My name is Vibin , I’m frm Kochi, I would like to attend this 3D printing workshop programme. Kindly send details


Please let me if you are conducting free/cost workshop on chennai.

Really, i’m intersting to learn 3D print technology using various filaments. (like Nylon,ABS,PVA and so on)

and interesting to learn how to use cura software?

I’m waiting for your response!

Thanks in advance!

Dear Sir,

I want to attend the workshop in Delhi NCR. Please inform me .

Thanking you

Dear Madam/Sir,

I am interested for this workshop basically for an overview session on 3 D printing.


Nagendra Kumar
Cell 971 705 5806

Hi Sir, please inform me about the next workshop in bangalore as I’m very keenly looking forward for this.

Vinod Balraj

Dear Sir,

I want to attend free workshop in Bangalore. Please inform me when there is one.

Best Regards

Vishwas Sharma
phone: eight six six zero seven six seven eight three seven
email: dheeraj at appkrt dot com

Dear Sir,

I want to attend free workshop in vishakapatnam. Please inform me when there is one.

Best Regards

aadi narayan govind

I Want Expert Training in CJP 660 Pro from 3D SYSTEMS lije Handling and operating to Maintenance….Please if theres any courses Available or special batch.

Deven Siddhpura

Dear Mr.Rehman, thanks for contacting think3D. We couldn’t provide any workshops at Banglore as we are based out in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. But we can provide webinar sessions on 3D printing technologies, we will let you know when there is one.

Hi My self Laxmikant.. from Bangalore. Please let me know any workshop available to attend in furture.

Dear Sir, thanks for contacting think3D. Currently, we are not scheduled for any training sessions, we will let you know once we start the training or webinar sessions. For any other queries feel free to reach us on 8142896564.

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