3D Technology Created Tiny Cameras With Astounding Potential

3D industry has been contributing immensely towards the medical industry. Thanks to the cameras that are no longer than a size of a rice grain can now be injected into the body and the problems are viewed in a better and up close way.

For quite a time now, a bunch of German researchers have been working to create a lens that can easily slip into a syringe. However, the camera is not limited to be used in the medical niche only. These can also be used in other parts such as Smartphones or Drones.

It was never easy to create such a tiny camera. The Scientists from the University of Stuttgart successfully created “Miniscule Camera” with the help of fermosecond laser. It is a new method where the accuracy can be reached till sub-micrometer levels. Due to the multiple lens system that allows multiple colors, the photo quality is increased.

This camera has the tendency to focus on an object at a distance of 3mm. The size of the camera is too small that it can also be accommodated in a syringe. It is expected that this camera will be used to be inserted inside the human organs. It can also be inserted in the brain to diagnose the problems.

Professor Harald Giessen says that “the CAD model, time from the idea, optic design, and the 3D printed micro-objectives are created in less than a day”. We are likely to expose the potentials that computer integrated manufacturing and CAD did in their respective industries.

In order to understand the working of the lens, it has been printed onto a CMOS image chip. The process of manufacturing these cameras is quite convenient and instant. This is a huge invention considering the current times but we are hoping the industry to excel in coming times, especially in India.

Source: 3dprintingtechnology.com

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