3Doodle makes Halloween projects easy and informative with the Minecraft Jack-o-lantern Skeleton

Ashley Hyde has come with a Minecraft Jack-o-lantern Skeleton which has movable joints. This Haloween project is the result of a combined effort between 3Doodling and Minecraft.

For those who would like to try it out themselves, here is a list of things needed-

• 3Doodler Start
• Start Eco-plastic: Tangerine Tang, Lemon Zest, Simply White, Koala Grey and Ghostly Glow
• Drinking straw, and a stick that will fit inside the straw
• LED tea light
• Paper
• Sheet of stiff paperboard
• Glue stick

Steps involved in completing the project –

1) You can trace the pattern using stencils or download the designs directly from 3Doodler. Using tapes on the cardboard is recommended.
2) Take a straw and divide it into 6 parts. Tape the ½ inch straws and extrude the eco plastic into the straws. Fill the straw stiffly with plastic. Cut out the plastic once it hardens. Make six pieces.
3) Now take off the tape and keep the pegs aside. Make the arms, legs, and body, using the paper models, and Doodle over each piece following the color pattern.
4) Now focus on the head. Trace the pumpkin head and cut them into pieces. Tape the pieces making the four sides of the head. Doodle over the sides and push and flatten the eco plastic.
5) Use Ghostly glow for the mouth and eyes, so that they will sparkle in the dark.
6) Scoop out the shapes using the pegs. Cut the paper into pieces making holes for the pegs. Attach all the body parts (except head) using the pegs. Follow instructions exactly as stated by the 3Doodler team.
7) Now follow instructions to set up the tea lights. Make the stem of the head. Attach the pumpkin head at the end. Assemble the project and you are good to go.

Source: 3dprint.com

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