3DVerkstan launches the Olysson Ruby 3D printer nozzle

3DVerkstan is a European 3D printer distribution company. It has recently launched the Olysson Ruby printer nozzles that can 3D print rough and abrasive materials. This Ruby nozzle has a diamond strength tip which can extrude hard and tough materials easily. Materials like Carbon, steel, wood composites, Boron Carbide, Tungsten, and Phosphorescent pigment. The nozzle works equally well with standard materials as well, such as PLA, ABS, CPE/PET, and nylon.

3DVerkstan said in a press release that the ruby nozzle was initially launched for 3D printing Boron Carbide, one of the toughest known composite materials. The tip of the nozzle is made of ruby while the body is made of brass. The 3D printing nozzle was created in Sweden and thence tested all across the globe. 3DVerkstan’s innovative 3D printer product is ready for release. It will enable makers to 3D print in higher speed, quality, or ease of use. Makers and companies are very satisfied with their print quality.

Daniel Ljungstif, the CEO of 3DVerkstan said that the Olsson Ruby is a high-quality nozzle with a superior ruby tip. He also said that companies such as electronics manufacturer Norautron have acquired The Olsson Ruby together with carbon-filled materials (Colorfabb XT-CF20) to print ESD-safe tooling and fixtures for production.

The Olsson Ruby was designed by Anders Olsson at 3DVenkstan, the same person who invented the Olsson Block for Ultimaker 2+ 3D printers. The purpose of creating the 3D printer nozzle was to assist the researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden to 3D print abrasive objects.

The Olsson Ruby nozzle is available at a reasonable cost of $90 or €80 (excluding VAT/taxes). This 3D printer part is compatible with a wide range of desktop FDM 3D printers, like Ultimakers, TAZ, the Lulzbot, and any 3D printers with an E3D V5 3mm hot end, E3D V4 3.0mm hot end, or E3D V6 3mm hot end.

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