5 creative 3D art design projects

3D printing has immense creative potential. Artists work with 3D printing to creative lovely designs and artistic collections.

1. 3D printed wine holder
Homeware brand OTHR has created a 3D printed canon wine tilt. The drink accessory is in the shape of a canon and holds the wine bottle at a 45-degree angle. This design was conceived by an American designer Brad Ascalon and this angle is the best position for the wine to aerate. The 3D printed holder has a cylindrical handle to hold the corkscrew, as well as hide the foil after the bottle is opened. OTHR has created his holder for its design savvy clients who like to impress their guests.

2. 3D printed topographical maps
TopoTopo is a platform that allows users to generate 3D maps at any place of the Earth’s surface. It uses data from Google and the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission to make the maps. With TopoTopo, users can type in a location and select the dimensions of the map. These 3D printable maps are then downloaded and printed by the user or sent to a 3D printing service.

3. 3D printed glitch sneaker
Shane Griffin is an artist who has created a 3D printed sculpture based on the Yeezy Boost sneakers for Adidas. The 3D printed sneaker is life-sized, and looks like it’s been taken out of a Sims glitch. The upright shoe is broken into 3 parts, where each part is distorted and twisted.

4. 3D printed Walking flower sculpture from Ukraine
The walking flower is Ukraine’s largest 3D printed sculpture created by local media artist Stepan Ryabchenko. The sculpture is currently on display at the Ukraine Art Gallery and is a part of Ryabchenko’s virtual art series, called “Doom’s Day. Ryabchenko teamed up with the engineers of Diacom group to complete this project.

5. 3D scanned cloned army animation
Jon Robson is a filmmaker specializing in motion animation. He has created a 40-seconds long project called “Crowd Sim 2”. This movie shows hundreds of 3D scanned clones all running around and banging into each other to form a pile of bodies.

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