ActivArmor creates breathable, custom-fit casts using 3D scanning technology

ActivArmor makes medical casts using scanning technology that ensures well-fitted casts for patients. This Colorado-based company uses 3D printing to create cost-effective waterproof devices for patients.
3D scanning technology is becoming increasingly cheap, versatile, and can be used to create custom shoes, artifacts, and more. Diana Hall, the founder of ActiveArmor, is actively promoting the 3D scanning technologies of the company. She is a medical engineer by trade and conducted mentoring programs for poor children for several years. She came across several kids with splints and casts which were ill-fitted or got wet and damaged.

Activarmor creates water-resistant casts which are developed and personalized using 3D scanning technology. Hall’s company produces 3D printed splints and casts that are custom fit to a patient’s limbs and provide support to the patient’s injury. These devices are waterproof as they are made up of plastic and the mesh-like patterns allow the skin to breathe.

The 3D scanning technology is a key part of creating custom casts. The patient’s affected body part is accurately scanning in 30 seconds by trained personnel. The scan and images are uploaded to ActiveArmor for the creation of the casts. The casts and splints are made using high-temperature thermosetting plastic. These prove extremely beneficial for the doctors as they can immobilize certain areas of the body part, while the device can also be made removable. All the devices are registered with the FDA and are mostly covered by insurance.

ActivArmor has partnered with 3D printing companies to manufacture custom-design splints and casts. These casts are popular with kids, athletes, and even physicians. The devices are breathable, non-irritation, and water-resistant. The fitting mechanism is carried out by ActivArmor, giving more freedom to the medical experts to carry out their tasks. The mesh structures allow doctors to insert pins and conduct check-ups more conveniently.

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