Alexander Osipovach, from Russia, 3D prints Terminator replica

3D printing is being used for diverse fields. The latest craze is the emulation of sci-fi movies using 3D printed techniques. Alexander Osipovich from Russia has used 3D printing to build a T-800 cyborg( as in Terminator).

The T-800, portrayed by the Austrian ex-bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, is an antagonist in the 1984 sci-fi classic. The T-800 is an impressive sci-fi machine which has used artificial intelligence which allows it to respond to verbal commands and instructions. It also showcases the stark reality that things could go out of hand if the technology supersedes man.

In the year 2013, Google was promoting 3D printing DIY projects, and it is from there that Osipovich received the schematics of his project. In addition to the detailed design that he received, he also had the exact positioning of the actuators that would maneuver its movements. It took a period of four years to assemble all the parts of the T-800 replica. The robot’s mouth and eyes move in sync with sounds emitted by a Russian accent voice box. The robot responds to questions through a combination of vocal recognition software and online word research software.

Osipovich started working on T-800‘s brain, using visual basic software, in college. He had a passion for Cameron’s movie and wanted to create a similar robot using AI. He wrote to Google asking for specifications and spent $3500 on the project. In four years time, his project was ready.

As of now, the T-800 functions by a motor from a remote-controlled helicopter. Osipovach has named his creation John Henry; he is currently in a wheel chair. This is a temporary feature that the T-800 lacks mobility, and the programmer is hoping to find new software that will make his Robot mobile. We are waiting to see Osipovach complete his project soon.

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