BCN3D Technologies Offering Robotic Arms For 3D Users

The big news is coming from BCN3D Technologies about their latest release- BCN3D Moveo. It is an innovative robot arm with 3D printed arm structure. The arm is operated with the help of Arduino Software.

The Intention:

Given the rising prices of the internship study material for the students, BCN3D decided to help them in giving exactly what they need. The BCN3D Moveo is being created with the collaboration of department of d’Ensenyament and BCN3D. The sole motive was to make digital technology accessible to the students for their education while keeping the technology for improvement purposes of the company.

It is an open source robotic arm that is flexible as per the needs of the users. Also, the replicas of the arms can be created at a very low price. In the context of educational applications, this arm supports the mechanical design, industrial programming, and automatism. Since it is less in price than the current industrial equipments, it can also be used for the training purposes.

During the creation of BCN3D Moveo, a workshop was conducted in which 15 institutes from Catalonia and worked with the BCN3D Technologies. Every institute participated with their own Moveos and a complete presentation was planned where the institutes talked about them and the robotic arms. The further presentations are scheduled to be held in September 2016.

Finding Files on Github

Well, the files of Moveo are available on Github and these can be used by anyone. Github is a great and upcoming designing platform where different companies can upload their design creations for the people to download, who need them. Also because of the exclusivity of the files of Moveo, it is a great internship source for many institutes.

Both CAD and STL files are available for you to download. It will help people to create the models they like. The manuals are also available in two different languages i.e. English and Spanish for your best assistance.

A big thanks to the collaboration of department of d’Ensenyament and BCN3D now everyone can easily create their own robotic arm. There is no need to design the from the scratch.


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