Biomodex- Bringing Expertise In Medical Niche With 3D Printing

It’s not the first time 3D printing has been proved beneficial in the medical sector. Earlier we have heard that 3D printing has played a vital role in manufacturing prosthetics and custom designed implants. It also contributed in the creation of anatomical parts in surgical training and planning. The creation of creation of anatomical parts helped the doctors in better understanding about the problems and practicing the surgeries before the actual scene.
It has been said by Marchand- founder of Biomodex in a speech that more than 400,000 deaths take place in America due to the errors caused in the surgeries. Their company has been helping the medical industry in lowering the number of accidents by supplying the exact replicas of the human organs and giving live training to the doctors.
Considering the MRI of the patient, Biomodex supplies the exact replicas of the human organs that are to be targeted. These are provided to perform surgeries and understand how it will be done when performed on the actual human organs. Contrasting to the other 3D companies in the industry, the human organs created by Biomodex has the ability to impersonate various human tissues and organic textures. These features help the surgeons to plan the surgical incisions more accurately.
Other than just helping the doctors medically in planning the surgeries, The Biomodex 3D printed organs are used for medical training. The animal organs are also created to help the respective set of doctors. No wonder these parts are challenging to preserve and store. At the same time, the plastic parts are easy to store since they don’t have any expiration date.
At this time, Biomodex is into the production of realistic models for ears, nose, throat, cardiac, orthopedic, etc organs. But these are keenly looking forward in bringing some transformations in their offerings. Biomodex is also said to be working with many medical practitioners to improve their 3d printed models and provide accurate solutions. They try to create their products much like the actual organs.
This company has been helping the medical industry for a long time and it is expected to bring more interesting transformations in coming time.



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