Carpenter’s Skull from the Mary Rose Shipwreck Recreated through 3D Scanning

Artifacts from the Mary Rose shipwreck have been recreated by researchers in the UK. They have used the method of 3D printing for recreating these pieces. The team members hailed from Mary Rose Trust, Swansea University, and the Oxford University. They are conducting research on ascertaining the age of the people in the ship crew, their lives, and health by studying the bones of the crew members that have been recreated by 3D printing.

This study will also determine the exact potential of studying digitally reproduced archeological products as opposed to the original artifacts. This technology is being used by museums worldwide to digitally scan and keep the data results intact. They can share information regarding the artifacts, use them for educational purposes and 3D print them for transportation. This way the original pieces are left unhampered and can be well preserved.

The digitally developed skull in on display at a web site and a virtual reality display of the skull is also available at Virtual Tudors. This skull belongs to a carpenter, who had bad teeth, and joint pain. He was also suffering from many other ailments and died in 1545. The research team took 120 photos of the skull and put them together using a 3D model. Using all the available information, the scientists have also developed a facial reconstruction of the carpenter. These copies will be sent out to scientists all over the world for further experimentation, analysis, and to determine its use in various fields.

An exact 3D model is a great way to ascertain the various physical factors of the person. These can be discussed by experts regarding the diseases and lifestyle of the concerned model. The scientists have also experimented and 3D printed various tools of the carpenter which are also on exhibit.

The Mary Rose was King Henry 8’s ship that went down killing more than 500 people. There were only 35 survivors.


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