Citim- A German Based Metal 3D Printing Company Acquired by Oerlikon

Oerlikon which is a Global Tech Company has recently acquired a German based 3D Printing Company Citim. The motive of this acquisition was to increase the productivity of 3D printed objects and to expand its capabilities. Citim is a metal 3D printing company that creates functional prototypes.

In its endeavors to end up distinctly a noteworthy player in the worldwide surface arrangements and propelled materials markets, Swiss organization Oerlikon is trying to add 3D printing to its developing rundown of regions of ability, which incorporates the designing of modern parts, materials, and related advancements, for example, warm shower and thin-film covering. With the securing of metal added substance producing organization citim, Oerlikon has a specific arrangement as the main priority: to make itself into an autonomous specialist co-op for 3D printed parts, with all means in the added substance fabricating process offered from a solitary source.

Barleben-based citim’s principle range of aptitude is metal added substance fabricating for little arrangement creation and practical models, and the organization works in both Europe and the USA, serving innovative ventures, for example, flight, car, and vitality. In 2015, citim created $11.8 million in deals and gainfulness, around an indistinguishable level from the working edge of the Surface Solutions Segment.

Despite the fact that citim will remain the 3D printing master of the two gatherings, Oerlikon is as of now very much situated to move into added substance producing, as it offers an arrangement of cutting edge metal-based materials and handling advancements, including metal powders, appropriate for 3D printing forms like Selective Laser Melting (SLM) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). This, combined with its R&D aptitudes and information about creating mechanical parts, powder materials, surface advances for after generation handling, and in-house administrations for segment creation, makes Oerlikon a flawless possibility for another 3D printing wander.

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