Cosplay Artist Bindi Small Uses 3D Printing to Create her D.Va Costume

The Dragon con 2016 commences from 2-5th September in Georgia, Atlanta. The attractive cosplay suits can win the admiration of all the viewers. Their creativity and wit of imagination are combined with hours of toil and labor to get their costumes together. Bindi Smalls is a cosplay artist who has put together her Ember of Wars and Terra Nova costumes together.

Bindi has used 3D printing for bringing together many of her creations. She runs a Geek Fab Lab and is a certified Lulzbot 3D print reseller. Her printers have been continuously running to prepare for the Dragon Con event. She has created the cosplay costume from Overwatch which is inspired by D.Va.

She owns 11 3D printers and these include products from Lulzbot and Formlabs. Her suits are non-cloth and 90% 3D printed. Cosplay performers often use 3D printing to create their costumes and provide fine detailing to the models. Barnacules is another cosplay artist whose work we have previously covered and he maintains a Youtube channel. The two cosplay artists recently attended a 3D printing workshop Punished Props in Seattle. Here cosplay artists from all over came together to work on their 3D printed costumes just before the events Dragon Con and Pax West commence this week.This party helped the artists to assemble their 3D printed costumes together with great ease. The pieces were fit together smoothly and had a fine finishing at the edges.

Bindi’s Lulzbot printers can print in larger volumes using FDM technology from the SLA Formlabs 3D printer. The finer details can be used to print via the SLA printer. 3D printing empowers the cosplay artists to 3D print their desired costumes, give it the concerned look and smooth finish. The D.Va costume by Small have come up superbly and is ready in time for the Dragon con.

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