David 3D solutions and David Vision Systems Join Hands with HP

HP Inc., the predecessor of Hewlett-Packard has been foraying into 3D printing and has acquired the David Vision Systems and David 3D Solutions. And now, after this acquisition, they aim to provide the world’s end-to-end ecosystem. It would include a complete process from 3D scanning, imaging to 3D printing.

A few months ago, HP unveiled the HP jet fusion 3D printer, which is 10 times faster than its competing machines and can curtail production costs by 50%. HP has also disclosed its plans to invest €60 million a year into a 3D printing R&D center in Spain. It is also collaborating with the French chemical specialist Arkama for maximizing the range of 3D printed materials.

German companies David Vision Systems and David 3D Solutions are world leaders in 3D scanning technologies. The former has successfully marketed the DAVIS SLS-3 Structured Light 3D Scanner .
These companies have also played a crucial role in HP’s Sprout 3D planning and 3D printing platform. HP has also acquired the 3D hardware and software assets of these two companies. HP has also provided the companies with the requisite technology to evolve Sprout and increase their role in Immersive Computing, 3D printing, and 3D scanning, which alone is worth $7 billion.

Louis Kim, the Global Head & General Manager of Immersive Computing at HP stated that this collaboration of Hp with the David Companies will result in an all round development of 3D technology platform.
This giant company was predominantly attracted by David’s scanning technologies which could strengthen their scanning quality. Scan algorithms and automated calibration ways that have been developed by David will go a long way in aiding the 3D platform of HP. This is basically what Sprout aims at and HP plans to reach out to a vast area of industry segments using these technologies.

This collaboration between the companies will help HP evolve 3D sprout and develop an efficient 3D printing and scanning system.

Source: 3ders.org

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