David, First Consumer Pellet 3D Printer from sculptify

Sometime during May the news came in that there is a company that is planning to develop a very innovative desktop 3D printer which would be capable of allowing its users to print with limitless material options. The printer would be capable of printing directly from the pellet feedstock and thus overseeing the filament middleman seen with FDM/FFF 3D printing. Now the same company named Sculptify which is an Ohio based company has come up with a 3D printer that has the benefits of Fused Layer Extrusion (FLEX) process. They have named the device as “David” which is an innovative 3D printer that works directly with pelletized materials. Since there are no filaments in the printer the printing process is very easy, cost effective and highly versatile.

According to Slade Simpson, Sculptify Co-founder and CEO, ““David is an incredibly versatile device that can be used by both consumers and prosumers alike. Sculptify believes that for 3D printing to reach its fullest potential, printers need to be able to serve hundreds of different purposes. We think that FLEX technology is the next logical step in making this possible.”

The name that the company has given to the printer is quite unique as it does not relate to the technology but the company chose the name “David” as it had some reasons behind it. Simpson explains, “We came up with the name David after being inspired by the famous sculpture created by Michelangelo. It’s one of the most recognized works of art in the world, and reminds us that with the right tools, anything is possible. We have poured our hearts and souls into this printer for the past year and a half, and we are really excited to get it into people’s hands.”

The technical specifications of the printer are mentioned below:

  • Printing Technology: Fused Layer Extrusion (FLEX)
  • Build volume: 20w x 22d x 18.5h cm 8140 cubic centimeters
  • Build surface: aluminum
  • Hopper Volume: Continuously Refillable
  • Nozzle diameter: 03mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm (all included)
  • Extruder max. temperature: 330°C
  • Layer resolution: 20 microns for PLA
  • Positioning precision: XY axis: 8 microns or better, Z axis: 3 microns or better
  • Stepper Motors: 1.8”step angle with minimum 1/16 micro- stepping
  • Construction: aircraft aluminum Polycarbonate windows
  • Weight: 29 kgs
  • Product dimensions: 53.8w x 50.2d x 62h cm
  • Connectivity: USB

The company is expecting high level of acceptance of this product by the people. The company’s Director of Business Development, Luke Daniel, says“David provides customers with the freedom to choose from an extensive selection of materials — which range from hard and durable to soft and flexible. By eliminating the dependence on filament, Sculptify can offer exotic materials and composites never before used in 3D printing.

The company plans to go live for this product in the Kickstarter sometime during the month of August. Backers of this project will be able to buy the printer in exchange of funding the project. With this product Sculptify has placed a firm foot in the very dynamic world of 3D printing.

Image Credit: sculptify.com

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