DWP-8S, most awaited dental 3D printer by Roland DG, finally released

Roland DG released its first dental 3D printer, the DWP-80S. This printer is equipped with highly advanced technology that will assist in the production of dentures. Kohei Tanabe, Roland DG’s general manager of medical market development, said that this innovation has come up at the ideal time when the dental fraternity is looking out for advanced equipment and flexible solutions to accommodate the increasing demands of the patients.

Denture production as of now is done manually and hence there was need of a skilled device for this purpose. The DWP-80S printer has been devised by Roland DG to streamline the current denture manufacturing processes. The printer functions using a projector lens which make use of UV lighting to cure the resin materials. The new software by DG, the Quick Denta Software is also available with the printer thereby allowing base plates, custom trays, and frameworks, all to be 3D printed.

As per the official statement released by the company, the software is easy to use and contains precise instructions, which can be easily understood by the user. When the precise fit is selected, the DWP-80S selects the perfect number of layout and support points also taking into consideration the material shrinkage. DWP-80S’ square work area measures 80 mm, providing ample area for simultaneous printing of multiple units. The new dental ‘revolution’ 3D printer is priced at $15,995 US.

DGSHAPE, the parent company of Roland DG, will foray into medicine with a medical maintenance support system.
And with the launch of the DWP-80S, Roland DG can now count itself as the first and only manufacturer in the U.S. dental lab industry that offers both 3D printing and traditional technologies. With the launch of this printer, the dental industry’s acceptance of 3D printing tech has begun.

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