Emb3D, The Latest 3D Printing App, Introduced by Transform and Lightning

As the advances are made in 3D printing technology, the heavy bulky printers are being replaced by lightweight sleek ones. These new versions offer plenty of features and can print huge objects at the same time. This technology is very similar to the growth and advancement in smartphones.

Now 3D printing technology will be available as an app. Transform & Lighting is a technology company founded in 2013 in Pisa, Italy. The company is engaged in developing computer graphics and computer vision solutions for B2B and B2C markets. Their latest product Emb3D is a mobile viewer. It is designed for smartphones and tablets for Android and iOS platforms. It is free software that has a powerful engine. The engine delivers high-level 3D models and the toolbars are easy to navigate. There are various modes and visualisation settings to choose from.

Andrea Baldacci, CEO of Transform and Lighting said that the company wanted to build an advanced 3D printing app that would allow professional to use for different applications.

Some features of Emb3D are:

• Handles difficult 3D meshes
• Manages point clouds that comprise of polygons and points
• Can design textured models with diffuse, ambient, normal, and specular maps.
• Users can select from various rendering styles including solid, point cloud, wire frame, and transparent x-ray
• A high-precision virtual trackball allows for correct inspection of models.
• Supports formats like STL, PLY, OBJ, and COLLADA (DAE), and zip files.
• Social media friendly-users cab upload their designs through an in-app screenshot feature
• 3d models can be accessed via WhatsApp, DropBox, and email attachments.

The app has been recently introduced in the market. It will be useful for designers, artists, modellers, gaming artists, and architects. The fact that this app is free is an added advantage.

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