Enthralling Announcements Made By BigReg in 3D Printing Industry

BigRep, a Berlin based company is one of the leading companies that manufacture quality 3d printers. It has a highly famed BigRep ONE 3D printer range that has accumulated a lot of compliments from the buyers. Even though this company has reached the pinnacle of success in 3D printing industry, yet it is constantly working hard to maintain its position. At formnext 2016, BigRep announced 2 enthralling announcements related to its upcoming projects.

According to its announcements, they will be soon unveiling their BigRep studio 3d printer. It will be a smaller machine but with a lot of potential. It is expected to be better than the former version. The dimensions of this machine will be 1022 mm x 1660 mm x 1500 mm. It can build the volume of 500 mm x 1000 mm x 500 mm.

The good news is that this printer requires least efforts to be installed and these are portable machines. The studio version is manufactured to be best used by corporate and educational institutes. There is a reason why the printing quality of this machine is already in buzz. Its because of its nozzle which is 0.6 mm in size. It can work greatly at high temperature. The system will also print at a resolution of 300 microns.

According to the second big news, BigRep will be signing the partnership with a German based company called Kuhling&Kuhling. The union of both these companies will result in the launch of a great 3d printer which will be called Kuhling&Kuhling’s VP75 3D printer. This printer is created after years and years of hard work and it is said to have a lot of potential be offer high-end 3D printing solutions. Its applications will be helpful in the medical technology sector.

The journey has begun and we are expecting these high-end machines to reach Indian market as well. It will potentially raise the bar of 3d printing industry in India.

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