Eric Harell makes a 3D printed Chevrolet Camaro engine

Chevrolet Camaro is a stylish pony car very similar to its close rival the Ford Mustang. Maker Eric Harell has made a 3D printed model of the V8 LS3 engine of this car. The Camaro was first introduced in 1966 and has also featured as the cartoon series Bumblebee in Transformer. Eric used various 3D files from the internet and also researched the images, manuals, and other information related to the car. This 3D printed car engine model made by Eric Harrell, who used both original and found CAD models, is a treat for car lovers.

Harell uploaded the video of the working of the engine about a month ago on YouTube. He said that the entire LS3 model is 3D printed. Harell found some parts from the internet while others he carefully designed using images and diagrams. He has also made numerous replicas which were firsthand copies of the original piece. Eric, however, did not have the original engine to get A reference from while making the 3D printed engine.

Harrell has uploaded all 3D printable files to Thingiverse and the Hardware kits, which are available for $52, comprise of fasteners, bearings, rods, springs, and the belt. Other parts include the 500rpm motors for $17, speed controller and 12v power supply. The entire kit is in a flat envelope and price is $6.95 for shipping in the US.

The 3D printed parts of the Chevvy Camaro V8 LS3 engine should be printed at .2 mm resolution, with an infill of 20 percent. Harrell used 2 kg of PLA filament, and the entire 3D printing took around 200 hours. Fully 3D printed and assembled engines at also being sold by Eric. 3D printing makers and car enthusiasts could use the specifications for constructing their own 3D printed car engines.

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