Esun’s New Extruder Cleaning Filament can be very handy

esun extruder cleaning filament

If you have used 3D printers you must be aware of the problems that are involved with cleaning the material that has clogged or gummed up in the 3D printer extruder. The commonly used method to clean these gumming and clogging of materials is using Nylon filament which extrudes at a temperature of 200°C and then it is reduced to 135°C to allow the material to harden and then soak up the material from the extruder. This method too doesn’t work properly. So to achieve a full proof method to clean this clogging a Shenzhen based filament e- tailer by the name of Esun which was founded back in 2002, has introduced a new extruder cleaning filament. It is semi-transparent white colored, it is the first filament designed to clean 3D printer nozzle by directly removing the residue from the inside.

The material is designed in such a way that it can be used as a regular maintenance material for 3D printer heads having a diameter of 1.75mm in section of 150- 200mm in packs of 100 pieces. The material melts at a temperature of 150- 260°C and is slightly viscous which allows it to take out any residual material from the nozzle without getting jammed in between. While Esun plans to keep the name of the material secret, there is a good chance that the material is something like Nylon. The material filament can be purchased from the official website of Esun.

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