Eurecat Technology launches new 3D printer with virtual reality features

Eurecat Technology center, based in Catalonia, Spain, has devised a new 3D printer, which might change the way 3D printers operate currently. This printer combines virtual reality to monitor the working of a 3D printer in real time.

Eurecat has been into the 3D printing venture since last 20 years. It hosted the first 3D printing conference years back when the technology was called prototyping. Not only is it one of the first centers in Spain to have introduced 3D printing technology, also the first to start metal 3D printing. The company has also made exports to China, Peru, Columbia, Argentina, and Mexico. It showcased its latest innovation at the annual Advanced Factories Fair in Barcelona.

The new 3D printer has a screen where the 3D printing job can be seen in a virtual reality environment. Users can monitor and make changes to the 3D printing process. Also, all information related to the material behavior and geometry will be easily accessible.

Industry 4.0 is the next generation of manufacturing plants which will incorporate technologies as 3D printing and virtual or augmented reality in all areas. From implementing new strategies and ideas to monitoring pre-established processes, this technology will be capable of managing everything. Institutions like Hospitals and schools are already making use of 3D printing technology for better processes, and more advanced sectors like the aerospace industry are also making full use of 3D printing.

Xavier Plantà, director of the Eurecat Industrial Technologies Area, said that using the combination of 3D printing and virtual reality, they could make use of new manufacturing techniques in all sectors. He further said that 3D printing is a unique manufacturing technology and now the industry is devising new methods that adapt to needs of production. According to him, 3D printing will be predominantly used in factories in less than 5 years.

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