French startup launches extra-large FDM printer after successful Kickstarter campaign

I3D Innovation is a French startup that ran a successful Kickstarter campaign last year. With the release of its extra-large FDM 3D printers for industrial use, it is now aiming for higher things.

The French startup was established in 2015 by Ludovic Bodet and his father Jean-Luc. The Research Centre of South Brittany, which specialized in the implementation of innovative composites, was pivotal in the establishment of I3D. From developing its first 3D printer before last year’s Kickstarter for a filament welding tool to starting mass production, the company has come a long way. The XL and XXL-sized Multi 512 and Multi 600 are designed to print objects of large magnitudes. These FDM printers have multiple features that make the 3D printing process efficient and advanced.

Some of their exquisite features are-

• The extrusion heads are designed to reach temperature of 480 degrees Celsius
• The build speed is 300 mm/s, 3 times faster than similar printers, maintaining accuracy or precision in the finished product.
• The friction of the heads is absorbed by the rigid steel welded frame of these 3D printers, a mechanism that prevents deformation.
• Both printers have heated printing chambers to ensure dimensional stability,
• The Multi 512 has a temperature limit of 65 degrees
Celsius, and the Multi 600 up to 200 degrees Celsius.

Three filaments are simultaneously loaded into the new FDM printer for multicolored and multi-material printing. The filament storage of the device is 8 kgs and houses a total of 4 spools. The printers have a user-friendly touch screen for the controlling mechanism. 3D files can be uploaded into the 3D printer via the SD card, Ethernet cable, or USB port. The software recommended by I3D IS Simplify3D.

With modular designs, the 3D printers can be customized as per the user’s needs and are being targeted towards small to medium size businesses.

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