‘I’m back’ Raspberry Pi Case brings Analog Cameras to Digital Age

With the Kickstarter project, now old cameras can take digital photos with the help of 3D technology. Known as the ‘I’m Back’ case, it encompasses a 3D printed case carrying Raspberry Pi. The old camera is placed into a predefined slot, and can take digital photos.

This project brings together two different technological ages and takes lovely photos. This concept was created by Samuel Mello Medeiros, an Italy-based Brazilian graphics designer who has an advertising background. Samuel loves photography and is a fan of the retro look and feel of these cameras.

The user can connect the Breadboard to a camera through the 26 or 40Pin flex cable, and start clicking 35 mm pictures. ‘I’m Back’ is a 3D printed case in which you can place a Raspberry Pi, a camera sensor, and a small screen. These gadgets digitize the photo clicked with the analog camera, and can also be used as an IP surveillance camera. Therefore, the Raspberry Pi can be used in multiple ways.

This device can be easily adjusted for most analog camera models. The user has to open the rear cap from the camera, adjust the exposure hole to match the model, connect Sync Flash cable from the camera to the case and adjust the exposure to B (bulb). If stills the camera does not fit, a special Z X Y regulation system enables the user to adjust the F stop (24X36mm), which is placed behind the shutter. A 2.4 inch TFT display unit thence, creates the ‘digital look’.

‘I’m back’ relies on the Flash Synch cable to transfer photos to the digital mode. The software that takes care of the complete process is still in the development stages. There are some problems, though. Dust is a big enemy of this device and the user must ensure that the glass is completely clean before clicking pictures.

Source: 3ders.org

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