iMakr opens new store in New York City

Imakr Store logo

Trailing along the path from a London based store to the grand opening of the second store in NYC, iMakr seems to take the world by a storm. Located at 152 Allen Street on the Lower East Side is the brand new NYC iMakr Store. The step taken by iMakr to open a new store in NYC is definitely a milestone, as iMakr is an independent retailer store in which devices can be purchased from different vendors.

The opening of the store was a grand success with many big shots of the 3D printing industry, journalists, innovators and hobbyists witnessing the ceremony. On this occasion a large crowd which was around 300 people had gathered in the store to see a wide range of 3D printers, scanners, and 3D printing supplies, as well as 3D printer training and support. The store had products such as MakerBot gear from MakerBot, 3D printers from 3D Systems, Flashforge and Solidoodle. In order to showcase the potential of 3D printing, the store displayed the various objects that were 3D printed by world famous designers and artists.

Some of the famous people of 3D printing industry such as Sam Cervantes, CEO Solidoodle, Michele Marchesan, COO of 3D Systems, Brian Quan, MD of Tier Time US, Josh Ellis, Founder of MakerJuice and Erica Fingar, Product Manager of NinjaFlex were a part of this event. The opening speech was given by the founder of iMakr Sylvain Preumont. Everyone was startled by the live performance on a 3D printed violin which the company very rightfully related as “3D printing related entertainment.”

Image Source: John Abella (flickrhandle: jabella)

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