Iris van Herpen’s 3D printed dress envelopes actress Gwendoline Christie

Gwendoline Christie is the Game of Throne actress who got together with a Dutch fashion designer/3D printing artist Iris van Herpen get stunning 3D effects. She starred in Iris Van Herpen’s show which featured a robotic arm making a 3D printed dress on her body, while the actress lay still. The presentation came out with flying colors and won much acclaim from all corners. This association will now be taken further and fashion photographer- director Barnaby Roper will be joining hands with the two women for this art-fashion presentation.

The current project was a short film entitled “The Dress”. Gwendoline is trapped and camouflaged by this 3D printed dress which keeps changing all the time. The movie spans for three and a half minutes and is filmed by Barnaby Roper. It features the incredible dress designs by Iris Van Herpen.

Iris van Herpen has been an active force for combining fashion and 3D printing. She was the pioneer who made the first 3D printed dress in 2010 and showcased it in a fashion show. She has been working on 3D printing since then and has created lovely pieces that are organic and nature inspired.

In this movie, the dress comes alive and grows on Christie’s body and envelopes her body totally. Christie carries the dress with élan and sheer fierceness. It’s an animated dress and has the signature style of Van Herpen’s 3D printed apparels.

Roper said that he wanted to experiment with the idea of transforming a virtual dress. Iris’s designs are organic and they needed to showcase a fluid look to choose the proximity to nature. The dress was shown as emerging literally out of the ground and engulfing Christie in it. The shoot of the video is definitely amazing and shows the actress being born into the dress and eventually becoming a part of the dress.


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