Jeweller at your doorstep- 3D Printed Engagement Rings by Brilliance

brilliance 3d printed engagement ring model

The worst part of online shopping is that you cannot try out the product before buying it. You can understand the product better once you have it delivered to your house. The trouble seems to multiple when you find out that the item that you have bought isn’t of the right size. The returning policy of some e-tailers is complex and expensive. Due to all these drawback people tend to buy stuff from the stores rather than online especially for occasions such as marriages and other family functions. On such cross roads 3D printing has come to the aid of e-tailers.

An online company by the name of is using 3D printing to custom fit their products. This online website gives the customer the opportunity to download files that can be used in order to 3D the replicas of the rings that has been selected by the customer. The customer can in turn use a 3D printer to print these rings and try them on and also check the size and shape of the gemstones that have been put on the ring. The rings which are 3D printed have a coarse and sandy texture but they fit comfortably.

This usage of 3D printing is like having a high tech jeweler at your service without you having to go out to the store. The best part of all this is that you don’t have to feel pressurized while having to make crucial decisions quickly, you can take your time relax, weigh other options and then select the one that is apt for you and your partner.

Image Credit: Tela Chhe (flickr handle: telachhe)


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