Jewelry Maker Boltenstern Uses 3D printing for Jewelry Making

3D printing could make printing of gold a reality. Yes, you could print gold. Well, literally. The raw material, i.e. the gold would be provided and 3D printing techniques would be used to print intricate jewelry out of it.

The concept of 3D printing has been used in the jewelry segment for many years now. But, it was the molds of jewelry designs that were 3D printed and not the real jewelry itself.

With the launch of the Precious M 080 jewelry printer in the market, jewelry and watches could be directly printed with these printers. This printer has been devised by Cooksongold and EOS and is the first Direct Metal Laser Sintering printer.

Cooksongold has been developing various types of metal powders, apart from the gold material. They are rose gold, white gold, silver, and platinum.

This lucrative technology has attracted the attention of prominent jewel makers like the Austrian fine jewelry producer Boltenstern. The company was established in 1964, it is engaged in the production of fine metal jewelry and has recently started using 3D printing for traditional jewelry making processes.

Marie Boltenstern is the daughter of Steve Boltenstern, the founder of Boltenstern. Marie has taken over the control of the company. She is a graduate from London and Berlin, in architecture and has a strong vision to combine classic styles with contemporary technologies. Under her leadership, the company is foraying into 3D printing ventures. It is experimenting with unique and interesting designs of jewelry making.

They started with using the Precious M080 printer to make molds used to cast jewelry. But the company will now be using this technology to create new and striking jewelry pieces.

The jewelry making art has seen many changes in the past centuries, and it continues to evolve each day. With 3D printing we will now have to wait and watch, the new heights this industry is set to scale.


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