Kora Alpha 3D Printer: Setting a New Standard

3D printing companies that are manufacturing 3D printers with some new features and added benefits are mushrooming in every nook and corner of the world. Every single day there’s a new 3D printer on the block which promises to be better in technology and application. 2-3 Years ago there were only a couple companies that were known for manufacturing 3D printers but now almost anyone is making them and adding variations to it.

The latest debutant in this growing market of 3D printing is Kora. Kora is a Great Britain based company that has recently announced that they are all set to take orders for the new Alpha 3D printers. Now, what the company has forgotten is the pictures of the machine. Kora hasn’t released exactly how the machine looks like but what is known about the printer is quite impressive additionally they have also put up a teaser online and have promised to release more information about the machine by next week.

For all those who want to know about the features of the machine, here a little sneak peek into the features of the machine.

Technical Specifications of Kora Alpha 3D printer

Build specifications:

  • Build ratio: 807 cubic inches
  • X Axis: 230mm, Y Axis: 230mm, Z Axis: 250mm
  • Frame dimensions X Y Z: 42x40x47 (without spool holder)
  • Frame dimensions X Y Z: Filament spool fitted (+10cm on X)

Speed and precision:

  • Accurate and fast heating nozzle (160-300 degree C)
  • Layer Resolution: 20 microns (0.02mm) to 400 microns (0.4mm)
  • Position Precision: X Axis: 12.5 microns (0.125mm), Y Axis: 12.5 microns (0.125mm), Z Axis: 5 microns (0.005mm)
  • Print Speed: 30-300 mm per second
  • Travel Speed: 30-350mm per second
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Nozzle Diameter: Standard 0.4mm (available in 0.25, 0.3, 0.35, 0.6 and 0.8mm)


  • Fats heating plate system (40-120 degree C)
  • LED system with heat detecting LED warning system
  • Four lined illuminated LCD screen with Jog and Dial control system
  • Onboard web cam (optional)
  • Wi-Fi connectivity (optional)
  • Build-in SD card reader
  • Easy fit dual extruder upgrade kit (optional)
  • Software: Customized Repetier
  • Motherboard: Kora customized Atmel MEGA Control System
  • Printing Technology: Open Source FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)

Power and efficiency:

  • AC Input: 240 Volts (110 available)
  • DC Input: 12 Volts (if using on vehicle battery)

Quality and safety:

  • Solid powder coated steel construction
  • Fully enclosed option with safety cut out
  • Easy maintain system: designed for easy assembly

The specifications and the features that Kora is offering via this printer are quite impressive but what will put off many buyers would be the price tag. The price of this machine is $1,895 / €1,395. The company plans to launch the product in various colors such as red, black, or silver frame colors (solid, powder coated steel).

The best is usually saved for the last so the best feature of this printer is that when the dual extruder upgrade kit is attached to the unique VariBLOCK head unit it allows the user to print anything from pens, food, liquid and other things. So now the price might not be a hindrance for many.

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