Korean Retailer Lotte Installs the First Foot 3D Scanner

Korean retailer Lotte has installed a 3D foot scanner at its flagship store in Myeongdong. This 3D scanner has been developed by Volumental and it is used to scan the feet of customers in just 2 seconds to determine the statistics of the feet.

With this 3D printing device, Korea has certainly seen a set up in the footwear market. Now customers can get their perfect sizes determined, order the shoe design and their pair of shoes will be reaching them in just two weeks.

The Tandy shoe store is the first store that has this printer and more of these devices will be installed in other stores from 29th July.

This scanner has been developed by Swedish 3D scanning startup Volumental. It enables customers to ascertain their foot dimensions. With the gathered data, the shopper can then choose a design of their choice and have a custom-made pair of shoes manufactured and sent to them in just two weeks. The machine will even give product recommendations and options best suited for the customer, based on the customer’s foot size and shape. Shoppers also have a choice of being sent their measurements afterward, or have them stored in the shop’s database for future purchases.

After the positive response gained by the 3D foot scanner, Lotte, plans to install more 3D printers and scanners for their various segments. It plans to introduce a 3D virtual fitting service for its clothing line, by the end of this year. The service will make use of a special mirror which provides a virtual reflection of the customer’s apparel by applying a 3D image of the product onto their body.

LeeWan-Shin, the chief of marketing, Lotte departmental store, stated that Lotte is provided these services to its customers for their comfort. It aims at making shopping a pleasant and memorable experience for its customers.

Source: 3ders.org

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