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We bring to you some recent interesting stories about breakthroughs and innovations in 3D printing-

1. Stratasys to use 3D printing in healthcare- Stratasys has made some important collaboration to combine 3D printing with medical services, education, and training. These partnerships were announced by RSNA (Radiological Society of North America). One of these deals was made with the Minneapolis-based Vital Images, Inc., a company that specializes in medical imaging and informatics. They have developed a SIG (special interest group) and its first meeting was hosted by RSNA. Scott Crump the co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Stratasys said that the Special Interest group will help in fulfilling the market demands of all medical equipment.

2. Dragon 2020 3D printer by Nano dimension delivered to PHYTEC Messtechnik- PHYTEC is a German company that deals in microprocessor solutions and has offices all around the globe. This printer will be used as a beta client by PHYTEC and is the third of its kind to be manufactured by Nano Dimension. This printer will 3D print PCBs and will be installed in Mainz, Germany. Amit Dror, the CEO of Nano Dimension said that the company is focusing on delivering the 3D printer to leading company engaged in working in key technology sectors.

Nano dimension’s printers are installed in the Israeli defence company and also at the U.S manufacturers FATHOM.

3. Cheerleaders will balance their bodies better with 3D printed object- American Athletic, Inc. a sports equipment manufacturer of Iowa has launched the EliteTM Cheer Stand. This new product aims at helping cheerleaders strengthen their legs and master their balance. 3D printing was used to develop prototypes which were done by Angstrom Precision Molding, and the parts have been printed on a CIRAS metal 3D printer.

4. 3D scanned scrotum- Brian Sloan has launched a crowdfunding campaign for his innovation the scrotum sculpture. The object is called ‘walls balls’ and is the replica of the person who won the third place in the balls contest. He was located in Ohio and was hence the preferred choice. The scanning was done using an Artec Spider 3D scanner.

5. GOM 3D scanning award- The GOM is a metrology systems company which is inviting entries from all over the world for 3D printing and scanning systems for its GOM awards. All entries must register before 15th June 2017, and the winner will receive €3000 cash prize.

6. Aerospace start-ups to get funding from Starburst Accelerator- Starburst Venture will invest $200 million in aviation and aerospace sector. These startups will receive funds and get an opportunity to tie-up with big players like Boeing, General Electric, Raytheon, Airbus Group, and Northrop-Grumman. Van Espahbodi, COO of Accelerator, these $200 million will be invested in 35 startups by 2020.

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