Launching Gravity Sketch Virtual Reality 3D Modeling Software

An app has been launched that will help you in designing three-dimensional sketches with virtual reality. The amazing part is that now it will easy for the 3D users to design whatever they like in mid air and the files can then be transferred from design program to the printer that you are using.

This was first launched by a London based startup in 2014. It was basically a prototype sketch tool that can be used with the help of a tablet and a VR headset. However, the concept was great but it failed in the production stage.

After working immensely hard for over 2 years, they are now all set to bring in the world their app that will cost no more than $60. People with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive will be able to operate it easily. Since no tablet is required to use this app, it has become a more intriguing proposition. Just think about it how fun it will be to see sketches on the air in front of your face. It is also convenient to pull the sketch apart and reposition it.

The app is likely to be launched in the year 2017, mostly in the month of January. The market that this amazing app targets comprise of artists and hobbyists, however, there is always a room for the professional designers to use these apps. So guys, no more wasting time and money on the CAD programs as the air will help you to create whatever you like, wherever you like.

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