Leapfrog Launches Bolt- The New 3D Printer

Leapfrog is an imminent 3D printing firm. It has released a dual head printer known as Bolt. It has a powerful software, hardware, and the latest technologies from Leapfrog. An inbuilt webcam is installed in this device to enable remote viewing of the printing process.

Features of the Bolt-
Dual head-This is a dual head printer with features that allows no cross-filament oozing, better control per filament and achieving 2 times the print speed with replicator mode and mirror mode which leads to neater dual prints.

Multiplatform Software-The Bolt software can be accessed on a large touchscreen or by any computer, tablet, phone with a browser using WiFi.

Replicator mode- This mode creates exact copies of the printed piece and can make numerous pieces in just half the time.

Mirror mode- This mode creates a mirrored image on the bed of the printer which is useful for making molds, orbs, left-right parts.

Material mixing– These printers can seamlessly combine different materials by using different the direct drive mechanism and the hot temperature and hot bed provide better adhering.

In addition, the printer has a closed environment and a HEPA carbon filter for giving better output. The vast 7” touch screen on the printer makes navigation convenient.

The Leapfrog Bolt is priced at £4,299.00 (excluding VAT) and has been designed for educational and professional institutes.


Leapfrog 3D Printers was founded in 2012 by AV Flexologic, a Dutch manufacturer of machines for the flexographic industry.

Leapfrog 3D Printers are designed to make high-tech 3D printing techniques for business and educational customers. Leapfrog establishes alliances with professionals who learn various 3D printing techniques using the desktop 3D printers. Leapfrog forays in streams like engineering, product design, health, architectural design, and education to make breakthrough innovations and develop new techniques.

Source: 3dprintingindustry.com

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