LittleRP or LittleDLPer – Affordable Open Source 3D Resin Printer

When someone wants to buy a printer that has a very high level of resolution, the best printer to opt for would be a DLP or a SLA technology printer but the ones that are available in the market nowadays is very expensive. A SLA printer named Form 1 is currently priced at $3299. So a normal person cannot afford such an expensive printer and has to adjust with something that suits the pocket and for the resolution one has to adjust with a lower resolution. But now times have changed and Brad Hill (aka goopyplastic) hopes to bring about a change in the 3D printing industry.

He has founded a new 3D printer and named it LittleDLPer which is an open source DLP 3D resin printer. The printer uses lasercut materials and standard T-Slot extrusion which makes it possible to make the printer from the scratch. It has high quality components such as linear slides and integrated leadscrew steppers which perk up the reliability of the printer. The print volume of the printer is quite low (xyz: 60x40x100mm). The printer takes approximately 2 minutes to print 1mm at 0.05mm layer height. The price of the LittleDLPer kit will be under $500 and an assembled printer would cost around $1000. Hill plans to flaunt the new machine in the Maker Faire at Kansas City.

Hill said, “For the kit, excluding projector, the Kickstarter price should be just under $500,” explained Hill to “The projector I recommend, runs about $310, however the printer is flexible in that you can re-purpose used DLP’s which can drive the cost down for the builder. For example I was initially using a Dell 2300mp projector that I purchased used off eBay for $95.”

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