Maker Movie All Set for Public Viewing

Maker Movement

After being successfully crowd funded in November 2013, the film “Maker: A Documentary On The Maker Movement” has been finally released for public viewing in digital format. In 2013 the film had received $32, 373 pledges thus doubling its goal of $15, 000.

Maker is a featured full length documentary film on the Maker Movement and the impacts that the movement had on the society, culture and the economy in the United States of America. The Maker movement which is often referred to as the “Third Industrial Revolution” has been the centre theme of the film. The film also documents the current maker movement in America and elaborates on the new ‘in – thing’ of Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-Together.

The film has been received with open arms by the viewers as well as the critics. Prestigious publication houses such as Harvard Business Review have given positive feedback about the film.

The synopsis for the film is, to quote: “The “Maker Movement”, sometimes called the “Third Industrial Revolution,” subverts traditional manufacturing by building on innovative concepts such as open source, local manufacturing, crowd funding, and digital fabrication. Breaking the hobbyist movement stereotype, “Maker” delves deep into this ecosystem of design and manufacturing in the Internet era. The film explores the ideas, tools, and personalities that are driving the Maker Movement ― and returns with a timely snapshot of one of the transforming influences of the current age. We have conducted extensive interviews of key figures behind headline-making projects, daily practitioners, and observers of the movement, in our effort to piece together what this ecosystem looks like, and present insights on how it can impact society, culture and the economy in the U.S., and the world.”

All those who want to check out the trailer of the documentary check YouTube and for those living in America can catch the world premiere at the Maker Faire Bay Area!


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