MakerBot Digital Store: The All-in- One Digital Store

Makerbot Digital Store

This January when the MakerBot Digital Store was launched at the International Consumer Electronics Show, people in the world of 3D printing were very amazed by this news. They couldn’t help but think what exactly would this store be selling? Toys, educational kits or accessories? It been almost 9 months now and the store has launched 21 different collections, answering the question that was boggling the minds of many.

There is a wide array of products that are in store for many in this shop but the most attractive of them all is the “Learn” section. This section houses high quality 3D printable objects that are fun and interesting to play with and at the same time very educative. On 16th September, 2014, the company decided to launch a collection of government buildings which were designed to help serve educational purposes.

The collection is called “Structures of Government”. At present in this collection, there are three most important buildings in United States of America – The Supreme Court, The Capitol, and The White House. These 3D printed models are ideal for class projects that would enable them to explain the significance of the building in a better way to the students.

The cost of each building is $2.99 except for the Supreme Court which is available free of cost. The entire collection of three building is priced at $4.99. All the three models can be printed using a MakerBot Replicator 3D printer. The time taken to print these models is two to six hours.

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