Maker’s Empire Ipad App lets anybody to 3D Print

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As the heading of this article suggest anybody can now 3D print. The technology is no longer only for the tech savvy and the engineers. It’s now for all who want to 3D print but have no designing experience; from children to old people all will be able to 3D print object on their own.

The credit for making 3D printing accessible by all goes to the Australian start up company by the name of Maker’s Empire which is on the way to contribute enormously in the field of 3D printing at the EduTECH Australia 2014 which will be held on 3rd June, 2014. The name of this design App is called as the Maker’s Empire.  “The name of the app comes from the idea that people should be “makers” or creators. To this end, the app, which is only available for iPad, was designed with accessibility in mind,” said Maker’s Empire CEO Jon Soong.

This App is designed specifically for tablets. It allows everyone to design complex objects by assembling simple shapes. The team of Maker’s Empire understood the high level of attraction that is there between young people is digital creation tools and participated in the ANZ Innovy START accelerator program which helps businesses in commercializing their innovations. Then they partnered with 3D printing systems and rolled out their pilot program in three elementary schools in Adelaide in Australia. The fine tuning of the App was done by the feedback that they got the students who used the App.

This App has no age bar. So, hopefully this technology will boost the learning process in schools and people will accept this App whole heartedly not only in Australia but around the world.

Image Credit: Claudia Regina (flickr handle: Claudia Regina)

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