Materialise, 2016 results indicate a 12% revenue increase in 2016

Materialise, a Belgium-based 3D printing and software company has revealed its results if the 2016 financial year. The results indicate growth and profits for the 3D printing company.

Materialise’s fourth quarter financial results reflect an increase of 12.3% of the total revenue (up to 31,477 kEUR). The company witnessed growth in all three divisions namely: Materialise Manufacturing, Materialise Software, and Materialise Medical. The company’s EBITDA increased from 2,979 kEUR to 4,455 kEUR.

Materialise Manufacturing, a segment of the company, reported the maximum gains with a revenue increase of 19.4% (up to 13,326 kEUR). This segment offers 3D printing and engineering services to the industrial and the commercial sectors. The manufacturing sales too increased over the past year. The company took the figures of i.materialise and RapidFit’s in analysing the results.

Materialise Software and Materialise Medical, also saw a significant increase from the last quarter of 2015. The company’s medical segments, i.e. the medical software, grew 29.8% and direct sales of its surgery solutions increased by 82.9%.

The company cites an aggregate increase in the revenues of research and development, sales and marketing, and general and administrative expenses. Though the R&D expenses decreased slightly, there was an increase in the S&M and G&A expenses.
Materialise stated that these increases reflect the strong managerial structure and support it has incorporated in its R&D and S&M divisions.

There was a decrease in the net other operating income, increase in operating profits and a decline in shareholder’s equity of the company.

For the full year, the company saw an increase in the total revenue in all the three segments. Chairman Peter Lyes said that the company had a very good quarter in this competitive environment. As stated in the press release, Materialise saw a total revenue increase of 12.2%, from 102,035 kEUR to 114,477 kEUR. Ley said the additive manufacturing market is growing stronger and the end part production would be the company’s area of focus.

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