Matthew Michel’s 3D printed Whisk Whisper tool surpasses its Kickstarter goal with flying colors

Whisk Whisper is a 3D printed tool which will soon replace your handheld tool and serve as an all-in-one tool for cleaning purposes. This compact 3D printed tool has performed very well in its crowdfunding at Kickstarter campaign and crossed its estimated earnings long back.

A manual whisk is tedious to clean as the dirt and liquid particles get stuck in the bristles. The 3D whisk Wiper will whisk away all the remnants of food and liquid from the wire loops. And this whisk not only cleans, it also saves and stores the last bits of batter which are difficult to retrieve from the whisk and therefore goes a waste. This Whisk wiper has been invented by Matthew Michel and can be easily slid into the kitchen whisk. Once the work is done, the 3D whisk can be detached from the tool and all the batter gets accumulated at the edge of the wiper.

Michel worked in association with 3D designer Robert Apodaca and engineer Arpita Soni, who assisted in taking the product from the stages of concept, to prototype, to the final market product. He states that 3D modeling and printing were a major part of developing the Whisk Wiper. More than 20 prototypes for the whisk wiper were 3D printed in collaboration with Purple Platypus, a local company.

Michel used methods of injection molding, for which he took help from L.A. based plastics company C&G Mercury Plastics. The Whisk Wiper team is now working with Portland-based John Merrifield to create a snug-fitted whisk for the Whisk Wiper tool.

The Whisk Wiper has already crossed its Kickstarter goal of $10,000. Interested people can get their own Whisk Wiper along with stainless-steel whisk for $23. The 3D Whisper Whisk is sure to ‘whisk’ all your kitchen cleaning hassles away.


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