Mecaer Aviation Group forays into 3D printing for manufacturing helicopter interiors

Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG) is a company engaged in the manufacturing of interiors of helicopters. It is currently employing 3D printing technologies to create the interiors. It has engaged 3D printers of Roboze and is using advanced materials like PEEK to create the products.

MAG specializes in creating high-end designs with an impeccable finish. The interiors of the helicopters are equipped with contemporary facilities like computer, TV, and other in-flight gadgets for high-quality entertainment. In addition, factors like the emergency exit, medical, sound, vibration, and environmental factors have to be taken into consideration. MAG utilizes the best equipment for manufacturing purposes including the 3D printers.

MAG has already used 3D printing for rapid prototyping and other purposes and it recently partnered with Roboze to acquire a number of Roboze One + 400 industrial 3D printers. Using these 3D printers, the Cabin Comfort division of the helicopter specialist is creating end-use parts for its luxury helicopters interiors.

Vincenzo Massarelli, a member of the Cabin Comfort System division at MA said that with the new Roboze One + 400 printers, the company will print the finished products. It’s 3D printing usage will not be limited to prototyping only , but the final components printed in engineering plastics such as PEEK and PEI that will be installed directly (after validation tests) on the new helicopters.

Roboze, the 3D printer manufacturer, has always been looking forward to working with clients in the aerospace sector. Alessio Lorusso, the CEO of Roboze said that they had designed the One + 400 to fulfill the demands of the aerospace market. They had invested in R&D on the extrusion process for materials like PEEK. They are expecting the aerospace & aviation industry to become a major sector availing services of the additive manufacturing in the next five years.


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