Minockio lets you create 3D printed customized figurines

Ever wondered how a miniature version of your friend looks like? Did you ever wonder how you will look like, if you were ever shrunk to 1/100th of your current size? I am super excited to see a mini-Me. We need not keep imagining things any more.

Thai based company Minockio, launched a fascinating application which brings 3D printing much closer to the interest of general public. Minockio enables you to create “MINOCKIO”,  a cartoon version of any person. With the help of the software on the company’s website you can create a cartoon version of Yourself, your family and friends, your special someone or even a random cartoon  character from your imagination.

The software allows you to choose  various facial features such as  hair style, face type, eyes, mouth, nose , eyebrows, clothing and even the pose. ‘MINOCKIO’s which posses matte finish  are approximately 4 inches in size ,depending on the pose you select , are prices are around 140 USD + shipping and are shipped globally The company states that it takes around 15 to deliver your figurines.

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