In the 3D printing market we see that every single day a new 3D printer is being launched. Add a few features here and there Voilà you have new 3D printer all set to be launched in the Kickstarter campaign. But occasionally there are 3D printers that offer state of the art features. In this article I will be discussing a similar 3D printer that is betting to be highly customized and is multi- functional. Apart from this, the printer is expected to extrude a broad range of materials and also offer a broad range of tools.

On October 2nd, 2014 a Mexico based company named Makermex introduced a new 3D printer named MM1 Modular 3D Printing System in the Kickstarter campaign. Now if we go to the market to buy a 3D printer there is a wide variety of 3D printers from which we can choose. Printers with one extrusion head to printers that can extrude multiple materials. The MM1 Modular 3D Printing System is extraordinary because it has interchangeable extrusion heads which are complimented by a wide range of additional accessories which allow the user to upgrade the machine with much ease. This feature enables the user to transform the machine as technology advances.

The technical specifications of the printer are as follows:

  • Printer Dimensions: 49 x 37.5 x 49 cm
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Build area: 20 x 20 x 20 cm
  • Resolution: 20 microns (0.02 mm)
  • Speed: 300 mm/s
  • Supported Materials: ABS, PLA, flexible PLA, conductive material, wood-based filament, nylon, polycarbonate, chocolate, Play-Doh, ceramic, plasticine clay and much more
  • Multiple printer linking abilities using structural connector system
  • Compatible with any Windows, Mac or Linux-based operating system
  • Supports and uses open source software

The printer comes with a wide range of add-on accessories such as:

  • High-temperature extruder for nylon, polycarbonate, etc.
  • Paste extruder for chocolate, Play-Doh, ceramic, and other pastes for experimenting
  • Dual extrusion system for bi-color and support material
  • Flexible extrusion system for optimizing soft filaments
  • Auto-leveling bed for beginners and children
  • Heated bed attachment

Owner of MakerMex Sam Weatherly said, “We’re modeling this printer after the Automotive Industry, or even like IKEA, in the sense that we’re providing a unique, customizable experience for those interested in 3D printing. Because it prints with multiple extrusion options in many different materials, the MM1 really is the perfect printer for just about anyone. You can print with chocolate one minute and PLA plastics the next – the possibilities are inspiring.”

Unlike other printers the MM1 can print in a wide range of materials such as ABS, standard PLA, and flexible PLA, wood-based filament and so on and so forth. Not only the product but the company website is quite unique from flaunting its long range of features from a web based CAD tool to selling of filaments for 3D printers, the website is fully loaded.

The company has fixed the price of this printer at $999 which could be quite expensive for some but looking at the fact that the printer can work with multiple materials and has the option of up gradation the price seems to be a fair one. So if you have the big bucks start backing the new MM1 Modular 3D Printing System.

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