Moving Paintings Created by Artist Ben Raynes, With the Help of 3D Printing

The best form of art is one that has never been attempted before- Original and innovative. A painter named Ben Raynes has recently launched an interesting form of art that he has named as ‘landscape in motion’. A commercial producer who incorporates movement into his work, and he was looking for ways to do this. He finally used the medium of 3d printing to get the results into his paintings that he so wanted.

The paintings included images of players playing soccer, boats sailing through the water and images of crowded traffic moving through Arc de Triomphe in Paris. These paintings were all converted to motion works, with the help of 3D.

While speaking to, Raynes said that he wanted his paintings to give a moving effect to make them look realistic. More like the moving scenes in a movie. Since he was familiar with the concept of creating gears for putting something in motion, and with some effort he finally succeeded in finding a technology that could do justice to his vision, the 3D printing technology.

About the execution of this concept, Raynes said that he made a gearing system with a colleague’s help and printed it with Makerbot. He then painted the background, front and middle and all the objects in motion. The maneuvering mechanisms were then fixed inside the frame and then the paintings were added.

The process of printing the motion gears takes about 1-2 hours. A passion till date, Rayens, a resident of Boston, MA, used to give these creations as gifts. But with their increasing popularity, he now plans to start selling them. Some of his creations include “Arc de Triomphe”, “Boston”, and “Cartegena”. The good work will keep continuing and Raynes will make more paintings in future.


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