DICOM Images to 3D Printed Surgical Medical Models

3D Printed Surgical Model

3-D printing is the technology of making three-dimensional objects from digital files — in medicine, typically MRI or CT scans. . DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is a standard for medical imaging data. You can convert these rich medical images typically the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or CT scan images in to 3D models, which can later be created in to physical models.

CT MRI Scan DICOM Images to 3D Printed Models
CT MRI Scan DICOM Images to 3D Printed Surgical Models

Success of complex surgeries is dependent on surgical planning. Medical model, 3 dimensional representation of a part of the human body, is a great way to plan surgeries. A 3d printed medical model is an object created from a digital medical image using 3d printing technology. With the 3D printed models, surgeons can hold the model, cut and manipulate the plastic model to determine the best way to conduct the procedure.

To order, you just need to send the DICOM image folder or the 3d design file (ideally .stl / obj) and get the output in a short time. We are based out of Hyderabad but can cater to the orders across the country. For more information, drop an email to design@think3d.in or call 040-30911007.

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Hi, am very interested in 3D printing of CT/MRI scans for prospective surgery/procedures. Am an ENT surgeon based in New Delhi.

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